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Wire Rope
Wire Rope and Chain


We are your #1 choice for Service and Products for wire rope, wire rope slings, sheaves, blocks, industrial chain, cargo nets, load securing,chain links, rings, chain hardware, and safety products.

Tire Chains and More


Created for any environment, season, or application we ensure you have the best quality for the best pricing. We can custom make anything you require, and provide a service that is unmatched by our competitors.

Inspection and Repair


At Diversified Chain and Rigging we offer all services related to outfitting your project. Whether it be inspection, repair or certification our specialists can help you achieve what you need for the job.


Industry About Us

Experienced Professionals
We pride ourselves on being a go to source to support the products we sell. With access to a network of knowledge we provide info on rigging, regulations, enhanced compliance, testing, inspection and education. Our experience has been built through research, development and customer requirements. This continues to be our valued process for ongoing improvement in all aspects of our business.
Innovation / Resources
Through years of experience, education and strong relationships, Diversified had been committed to ongoing development. We continue to improve and enhance not only the products we make but the way we make, test, sell and support them.
Working with Customers
Your support when you entrust Diversified is always valued. It's our great customers that allow us to enjoy operating with the passion we share every day. This will continue to drive our business to be its best. This is our commitment to you.
Platinum Strand
The highest quality wire rope on the market for drill lines, winch lines, and tubing
Nordic Tire Chains
We are the leading distributor of Nordic Chains!
Nova Ground Engaging Tools
Providing top quality blades for any job!
Proudly Canadian
We serve Canada and North America!

Servicing The Industry



Satisfaction Down to Business

Frequent Questions

What type of projects can you do?

Glad you asked! At Diversified Chain and Rigging we are capable of any project big or small that your business requires. Whether it be ground engaging tools, wire rope, slings, sheaves are rigging we can custom make any project to specification and code to ensure your business runs smooth and safe for years to come!


How big can a project be?

Just like everywhere else in the world...size does matter! We can provide any size order with our skilled staff and cater to any project no matter what the size. We are a constantly expanding shop with tens of thousands of square feet with all the tools and material available to tackle even the largest and most demanding of projects!


Will you deliver internationally?

Yes! We bring your order to you no matter where you may require it to be delivered. Our professional office staff can help attain where your order is going and will help develop the best possible method to get your project to you providing the best possible quality, efficiency and options without breaking the bank. Contact us today to learn more!


What type of advice can you offer?

This is where Diversified Chain and Rigging stands out from all the rest. We can do more than offer you advice. We can save lives!! We understand that safety in the workplace is the highest of priorities and are constantly watching our clients orders to ensure the specifications will match the load and job they will be doing. If you dont know the specifics just ask and we will make sure your worksite is safe with all of our gear! We take this step very seriously and this is our #1 commitment to damn rights we save lives!

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